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Elite Club $350
Platinum Club $180

- 15% off on wine & accessories    - - Access to new wines
- Low Rate Shipping
- Premium Crystal glass/Qtr
- Pick-Up Parties
- 4 Complimentary tastings/month
- Custom Wine Labels on 8+

- Priority to Bottling Sessions

- 20% off on wine & accessories
- Access to limited production and      - Samples from the barrel anytime.
- Low Rate Shipping
- 2 Premium Crystal Glass/Qtr
- Pick-Up Parties
- 6 Complimentary tastings
- Custom Wine Labels on 8+

- Top priority to Bottling Sessions

Member Club $90

- 10% on all purchases and more
- Low Rate Shipping
- Pick-Up Parties
- 2 Complimentary tasting/month
- Custom Wine Labels on 8+

- Invitations to Bottling Sessions



Our Red wines run from mild fruitful to very oaky flavors with intensities that will capture your attention. We are serving, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Zinfandel, Nebbiolo and other blends.

We are now serving Gewurztraminer, Riesling, Viognier and our highly demanded Brisa Sauvignon blanc with Kiwi Pear. Come experience the great magnitude of their taste.


Our special blend, Kerubim, is a transforming sweet Cab-Sy-Zin. the must complex palates fall in love with it.

Don't miss to taste our super wine.  The Patriarch of Valpolicella, our Amarone, after aging 3 years.


Our Brandy fortified Chocolate port style wine is ready and we are including this one in all tastings so you don't miss the experience.
Our Cabernet franc is a dessert wine, completely different from the white ice wines. It's raspberry like aromas and flavors will captivate you.
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