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Brisa Sauvignon Blanc and Kiwi Pear infusion is crisply tart and delightfully fruity. Like Sauvignon Blanc with gooseberry and grassy notes complimented by the Kiwi and Pear notes. This wine is very soft and gentle. Very nice summer wine. Ladies love it. 8.4% Alc  25

Riesling is a white grape variety which originated in the Rhine region of Germany. Riesling is an aromatic grape variety displaying flowery, almost perfumed, aromas as well as high acidity. This is a semi-dry wine and displays a special fruit bouquet.  (New)

Viognier elegant complexity that showcases lush, ripe flavors of stone fruit. It achieves graceful balance with notes of honey and spice.   13.7% Alc    25  Just a few bottles

Kerubim  Cab-Syh-Zin blend / Cab provides the framework for the blend with its ample acids and tannins, as well as distinctive blackcurrant flavors. Syrah provides additional dark fruit flavors of blueberry and plum along with cracked black pepper. Zinfandel gives an additional layer of jammy berryfruit flavors, including raspberry and blackberry finishing with a light sweet red. 12%   31

Merlot initially tannin red wine that has mellowed down to a very smooth and delicate notes of plum and mesquite. A customer mentioned “bacon” in it. Please share what you perceive with this aged wine. We are open to comments.        32

Teroldego  is rich, round, soft and fruity. It has a deep ruby and purple color and delicate aromas of red berries, dried fruits and violets are followed by flavors of cherry, cranberry, blackberry and plum, with a refreshing bitter almond note on the finish.  42 (Premium)  New

Seven   delicate blend of Merlot and Sangiovese.   Notes of red fruits, balsamic notes of licorice and hints of chocolate   36  New

Amarone flavors of black cherry, brown sugar, molasses, fig and chocolate. Some port taste in the background.  13.5% Alc  89  (Premium)  Just a few bottles

Petite Sirah  On the nose, it offers a captivating bouquet of dark berries, black plums, and a touch of smoky oak, creating an aroma that's both alluring and intense. The palate is a symphony of rich, velvety tannins and concentrated fruitiness, where the flavors of blackberry, blueberry, and hints of dark chocolate and spice meld harmoniously. This Petite Sirah is full-bodied with a long and luxurious finish that leaves a memorable impression.  38  New

Cabernet franc medium-bodied wine has deep, rich color with flavors of cherries, black currants and a slight hint of sweet tobacco. Aged for 18 months in oak barrels gives this wine a wonderful balance with bright acidity and tannin structure. 13.9% Alc  38

Montepulciano barrel aged, highly perfumed with complex ripe aromatics of plum, earth, dried cherries, with just a kiss of toasty oak. This is a full body wine with refreshing acidity and soft, lush tannins. 13.9% Alc  38 (Premium)

Petite Verdot  a full-bodied wine with striking deep violet hues. Equally bold aromas of dark tea leaves and smoke entice the nose. Flavors of wild black cherries and plum coat the mouth with hints of baking spices from oak aging. Rich tannins create structure bold enough to pair with strong flavors and herbs such as black pepper, clove and rosemary.  13.9% Alc    36

Cabernet franc  The red berry characteristics of the vinifera grape Cabernet Franc translate as an Icewine into raspberry like aromas and flavors. The color comes from pressing only as there is no skin contact during fermentation.  Goes great with ice-cream or dark chocolate.  18% Alc  12/25

Serafin  rich chocolate port fortified with brandy. Strong cherry, blackberry, vanilla, cinnamon and brown sugar.  22.5% Alc    55  (Premium)

Excelsis is a slowly aged white wine to the point of brandy, macerated in mango. It brings a delicate tropical mango taste with the strength of a white brandy.  24% Alc  Sold Out

Il Vicario   slowly aged white wine to the point of brandy in dark toast Hungarian oak previously aged in port, bringing smooth dark chocolate notes.   24% Alc  14/40 Premium/Just a few bottles

Irish Cream  an intense and delicious desert wine crafted with all natural ingredients. Coffee, Cocoa, vanilla and brandy. 22% Alc   8/39

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